With this website I explain the areas, the different types of wine and where wine is being produced. There is also mentioned whích wine is being produced and its origine of some wines. Also a little explanation of the wine bottles and the best choice to make if you want to serve wine for your diner or as a wine gift basket to your close friends or family.

It is a guideline for choosing wine which you want to buy. I limited myself for focusing me for everyone who wants likes to buy wine from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, South-Africa and South-America by online wine shops within the United States and the United Kingdom.

If you serve wine it is recommendable that you have the most finest wine filled in your wine cellar, wine cabinet or wine storage rack when you expect guests. No matter if it is for a private or a business occasion. If you offer the best quality of wine you will get remembered by them as a good host who knows what to serve to his or her guests. Especially if the occasion is business related. Also try to get familair with the different wine terms and know some wine suggestions by preparing food and wine. You could subscribe yourself to a food and wine magazine for those ideas. If you are a wine enthusiast you should have no problem with this and after all you can always visit my website; wine advisor for more background information and more different wine suggestions in combination with food and wine. Because that is what this website is all about, to give you the required information about drinking and enjoying wine. It could be become as a hobby for you, getting knowing everything about drinking wine and wine making. Maybe in the near future you wants to start making wine yourself and join a wine club who buys together with a few people some wine barrels for bottle wine themselves. Some people has even started a hobby like collection wine labels.




As a friend I can advice you which wine you can buy now or in the nearby future and I can highly recommend you some careful selected online wine stores for buying wine online.

I hope this explanation on this website helps you in your choice. Also I wanted to give you more background information about producing wine and the different types of wine because this type of wine information is rather limited available on the internet. I wish you happy reading !






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