Wine bottles


A quick overview of the different used wine bottles.


A short and thick bottle made for better wines from the Languedoc region.

A bottle which is to be the standard shape for the Bordeaux wines, both for the red and white wines, in the whole world since the beginning from the17th century.


For the wines from the Burgundy region. The glas of the bottles is clear and with a little green color. Also used for the Beaujolais wines.

This Loire bottke is almost similar ro the Burgundy bottle a little bit smaller in shape. Its shape is in the form as a kind of flute.

A small and slender bottle for the Alsacian wines. Just like the Mozel bottles made from green glass.

Rhine and Mozel Bottle almost looks like the same as the Alsacian bottle. Slender and small in shape. made form out of green glass.


The Champagne bottle is made of thicker glass than the Burgundy bottle but in shape it is almost the same. It has a resistant agianst 5 bar pressure of the gas in the champagne. This same type of bottle is also used for other kinds of sparkling wine all over the world.


The bottle of the Chateauneuf du Pape wine has the same form as the Burgundy-bottle. It is recognizable by the two pontifical crossed key's with the "beards" up at the neck of the bottle.


A bottle especially for the Vin Jaune from the Jura.

The bocksbeutel is a green bottle from the wine region Franken in Germany. Its not easely managable and put in ordinary standard wine storages and wine racks.




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